Our Salmon Jerky is packed with protein and beneficial Omegas-3, 6 & 9. Our homemade marinades are 100% natural and include wildflower honey, ginger and rosemary extract among other spices.

Our Seed Snacks contain sunflower, pumpkin, flax and chia seeds with an all-natural foundation of dates, figs, flaxseed meal and sorghum flour. At about 55 calories each, they are a great energy snack loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Made Specifically For Active Lifestyles

Spruce Camp is committed to making healthy, natural snacks to fuel outdoorsy folks’ adventures. Our shelf-stable snacks are also a great energy boost during a sporting event or when moving through a busy daily schedule.

Superfood Pick-Me-Up

Essential Nutrients Everywhere you go

Spruce Camp snacks are excellent mind and body pick-me-ups.  A good source of essential nutrients, salmon has been shown to benefit heart health, reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin, boost energy and improve brain health.

Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also contain healthy fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They have been shown to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.



Spruce Camp gives back 2% of sales to nonprofit partners working to support North American coastal and river salmon fisheries. Help us protect our natural resources and recommend organizations doing good work.

2019 Recipient – Alaska Wilderness League

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This stuff really surprised me. It has a satisfying, hearty taste and a chewy, meaty texture. A great balance of savory and sweet. If you love jerky, you’ll love this stuff.

Love the taste of both! We get the variety pack and mix them up. My family likes them for breakfast, snacks and dessert. I take several Seed Bombs in a pocket when I go hiking or for a bike ride.


The Teriyaki jerky has a sweet Asian sesame (with soy and ginger) thing going on which I love! It is salmon instead of beef or pork, which I love too. And, it’s tender, not tough like most jerky.


The seed snacks are devilishly addictive like junk food, but are so healthy. They make me happy 🙂


Not being a fan of hot/spicy food, I was hesitant to try the Hot Smoked Honey Salmon Jerky but it’s a great balance between the heat and the sweet! My new fave.


Love popping these mid-action. Perfect size and flavors.

Natural Superfood

Salmon Jerky Variety Pack

The great taste and texture of this Superfood Snack come from the right combination of salmon and homemade spice marinades. 

Spruce Camp Salmon Jerky
Vegan Energy Bites

Seed Snacks Variety Pack

A bite-size energy ball that's not too dry or too sticky is a valuable commodity mid-workout. It's even better when it's real food and Vegan with NO sugar added.

Spruce Camp Seed Bombs

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