Vegan Energy Bites & Subscription Box Partners

by in e-commerce, Healthy snacks, Natural foods, plant-based, shelf-stable, superfood, vegan November 16, 2020

Seed Bombs are the perfect adventure snack.  At about 55cal per ball/bite, they are a great incremental energy boost.  They’re easy to carry and eat on the go.  With no sugar added and healthy fats and fiber, these bite-sized healthy snacks provide natural slow-burn energy that fuels longer endurance sports like cycling, distance running and […]

Joining the Movement: A Plant-Based Diet

by in climate change, Environment, Health Tips, Organic Foods, plant-based, superfood, Uncategorized, vegan February 10, 2020

Vegan. Plant-Based Diet. Plant-Powered. Whatever you call it, it’s hard to avoid the trend.  But, that’s the question. Is it a trend? A fad?  Here today, gone tomorrow, like so many diets. After six months of participation and study, we don’t think it is a fad after all.  Here’s why. A Movement Towards a Plant-Based […]

The Vegan Dagwood

by in Health Tips, Natural foods, Organic Foods, plant-based, superfood, vegan December 11, 2019

Evolution as an eater is normal, right? Our tastes change, needs change.  Our health and our age demand tweaks and adjustments.  Our awareness expands as we learn more with continued food research and personal exposure.  Whether evolving or devolving, change is fairly constant. We used to be avid omnivores–chowing down meat, dairy, fruits, veggies, desserts, […]

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