Path Finding & Plant Based Products

by in camp provisions, Companies and brands, plant-based January 7, 2020
path finding

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We named ourselves Spruce Camp Provisions intentionally.  The word “Provisions” is a big tent that includes different types of products ranging from food to soft goods to hard goods.  Spruce Camp’s consistent vision has been to create products to support Healthy, Active Lifestyles Outdoors (HALO).  Our mission is to Get People Outside and to Fuel Adventure.

Metaphorically, we allowed ourselves route-finding flexibility as we looked at our map.  Our destination is clear but our path is optional.  Map-reading and path-finding are both part science and art.  We can plan for the future but we can be responsive in the present.  We are enjoying the journey!

Which reminds me of a two-week back country trip we did a number of years ago in the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  We had destinations and deadlines to hit, for sure.  But, creating and taking the journey was the good part.  Our goal was to be in Pinedale by sundown on August 7, but hit a sequence of alpine meadows and tree line lakes full of cutthroat in whatever order and for however long.

Let’s highlight our path taken over our first year. We started with a healthy protein snack, salmon jerky.  We used a nutrient-dense, superfood that could fuel adventures.  Salmon is important because of its high Omega 3, 6 & 9 content in addition to protein.  The natural cooking and drying process when making jerky makes the snack portable.  It is lightweight and does not need refrigeration. And, wild salmon are fantastic touchstones for adventure and wilderness.

These factors, plus a Teriyaki flavor that everyone loves, make it the perfect snack to fuel adventures. We first shared our teriyaki salmon jerky with friends and family in the backcountry, hiking, camping, biking and skiing.  We now here from customers that they love our salmon jerky on road trips, as work and school snacks, and even on the sideline during sporting events as a quick pick-me-up.  That’s the point, it’s a healthy, tasty snack to fuel WHATEVER activity you like.

Halfway through the year, we added two non-food items that fit the HALO bill…red cedar cutting boards and a camp game.  Random? Heck no!  They’re both portable and support a Healthy, Active Lifestyle Outdoors. The travel-size cutting board has a live edge and also makes for a great serving board or grilling plank.  And, whether you are traveling, road tripping, camping or tailgating, take the ring-swing-to-hook game that only requires a wall and ceiling or tree with low branch and several minutes to set up.

What does the trail in front of us look like?  We are working on a line of nutrient-dense, PLANT-BASED snacks!  Look for international flavors and ingredients to highlight varied cultures and tastes in the spirit of adventure travel.  We believe that vegan, plant-based foods represent the same confluence of personal health and environmental health that spawned our salmon jerky.  We are excited to share our new healthy, superfood snacks with you in 2020!

Lastly, Spruce Camp will add a line of travel apparel & accessories will precede the plant-based snack line launch.  The Vegan Revolution is upon us and we’re excited to prime the pump with some cool outdoor products and apparel.

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