Joining the Movement: A Plant-Based Diet

by in climate change, Environment, Health Tips, Organic Foods, plant-based, superfood, Uncategorized, vegan February 10, 2020

Vegan. Plant-Based Diet. Plant-Powered. Whatever you call it, it’s hard to avoid the trend.  But, that’s the question. Is it a trend? A fad?  Here today, gone tomorrow, like so many diets.

After six months of participation and study, we don’t think it is a fad after all.  Here’s why.

A Movement Towards a Plant-Based Diet

The movement (is that too dramatic?) is built upon three other movements that have strong legs of their own.

  1.  Good Health
  2. Clean Environment
  3. Animals Rights.

Non-vegans are experimenting with plant-based eating and plant-based diets for one or MORE of these three factors. And why not? When there seems to be little or no downside? Seriously, no downside after our deep dive.

The Vegan Trifecta

We call it the Vegan Trifecta.  We’ve personally seen health benefits within weeks. We also feel great about the environmental benefits due to animal-based food sectors being responsible for huge carbon footprints, high water usage, and negative climate change impacts.  Plus, avoiding the death of any sentient beings feels like a karmic no-brainer.

Skeptics have argued that Veganism is more expensive (probably because you used to have to shop at Whole Foods to find quality).  Not anymore.  Organic, fresh produce and vegan products are readily available, and maybe even abundant.  Other naysayers believe that its hard to get enough protein without animal foods, and especially for athletes.  Way off!  Plenty of studies show the facts are just the opposite.  Just watch the Gamechangers documentary.

The only challenge is changing habits.  That kind of change is hard, especially when it comes to eating habits.  But it’s so worth it, and not as hard as you think.

Spruce Camp is coming out with a line of Vegan Adventure Snacks in March 2020.  So, just like the salmon jerky we’re known for, these snacks will be healthy superfoods packed with energy.  They’ll be portable and shelf-stable (no refrigeration) so they’ll support your active lifestyle.  Take them wherever, whenever.  Great for travel, exercise, work, school and so much more.  We started Spruce Camp based on the jerky we made to fuel our outdoor adventures.  The same holds true for our vegan snacks.

Check out our store for our Vegan swag, including Plant-Powered t-shirts, Veg Out t-shirts and Vegan graphic designs for all of us loving a plant-based diet.

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