by in Natural foods, salmon, superfood November 4, 2019

We adopted the #salmonpowered tag and graphic to simplify and highlight some weighty facts.  Salmon species power much and many.  They are the high octane fuel to the diets of many living things.  Directly and indirectly, they power all flora and fauna life cycles in their environments.

#salmonpowered reminds us that wild salmon are keystone species that support entire ecosystems. They begin life in fresh water before moving to oceans for their adult lives.  There, they range far to chase the food sources that sustain their long journeys, and those that depend on them.  Those journeys bring them back to the same rivers where they started to spawn and die.  This circle creates new generations of each salmon species, but their life cycle also feeds many more species.  Animals and humans pull the rich salmon from the rivers and distribute nutrients and minerals.  Carcasses remaining after a spawn line rivers and return essential carbon, nitrogen, etc. in watersheds that, in turn, feed entire forests, landscapes and food chains.

And, salmon is a Superfood for us humans. Full of protein and Omegas, wild salmon is one of the most beneficial animals we eat.  Strength and endurance stem from that strong source of protein that feed our muscles.  Salmon oils rich in nutrients improve our heart and brain health.  Figuratively, we like to say that salmon powers healthy lifestyles and epic adventures.

Spruce Camp Provisions’ celebrates both amazing contributions of salmon — their environmental and nutritional powers!  We believe that #salmonpowered captures the spirit of both a healthy Earth and healthy lifestyles.

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