Cedar Plank Travel-Size Cutting Boards (2 Pack)


The Travel-Size Cedar Plank Cutting Boards by Spruce Camp Provisions have a live edge, are great for solid wood cooking, cutting and also make for great serving boards! You can also use them as an untreated, red cedar fish grilling plank.

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  • SOLID CEDAR WOOD CUTTING AND SERVING BOARD – Our Live Edge, Cedar Plank Cutting Boards are solid western red cedar, ½- ¾ inch thick. Each board is unique and is as stylish as it is functional. Our smaller Travel Size Cutting Boards are essential prep tools and food serving platters for tailgating, road-tripping, car camping and even backpacking.
  • CEDAR COOKING PLANKS – Soak our untreated Solid Cedar Planks in water and grill your favorite seafoods, meats and vegetables. There is a long history of cooking salmon on cedar planks to add a delicious woodsmoke flavor to the fish. Use it at home or while traveling, camping and adventuring.
  • HEALTHY ROOTS – We designed the cedar cooking, cutting & serving board to the compliment many different foods including, meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. Our untreated 2-pack allows you to decide how you would like to use the boards. Treat one with food grade board cream and use it for cutting and serving. Leave one untreated for soaking and grilling.
  • LOCALLY CRAFTED – Spruce Camp works with small-scale wood artisans to sustainably source and craft its food boards. Western Red Cedar logs are inspected, purchased and air dried in Colorado to reduce checking (natural cracking). The logs are carefully milled to enhance character and reduce waste.
  • ADVENTURE READY – Our products are designed to be portable and ready for any adventure. Whether you are traveling, road tripping, camping or tailgating, take our cutting/serving board along. Rustic or elegant – Spruce Camp cedar plank cutting boards work almost anywhere.

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Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × .5 in