Ring-Swing-to-Hook Game w/ Bottle Opener


  • ADDICTING, HEALTHY FAMILY FUN – Spruce Camp’s Swing Ring Hook Game is an easy, fun game for ages 5 and up. Imagine a simple, engaging target game that three generations can enjoy indoors or outdoors at home or while traveling. Play this family game before, during or after family dinners, cookouts, and reunions. Play it during commercials while you are watching “big games.”
  • PLAY WITH FRIENDS – SwingRing is a social and active leisure game. You can play this hook ring game with as big a group as you’d like. Play this action game at a wholesome church picnic, at a raucous tailgate party, or anywhere in between. Think corn hole, ping pong, or foosball without the space requirements, hassle or cost! And if you are addicted, you can practice alone.
  • DELUXE PARTY GAME VERSION – Spruce Camp’s Party Ring Hook Game kit comes with a great-looking wall mount bottle opener. The antiqued cast-iron opener reads “OPEN HERE” and can be attached to wall, post or tree right below the hook. Keep your party going with everything in one place!
  • ALL PARTS INCLUDED – Our ring hook game comes with complete set-up instructions, graphics and all the pieces you need in a sturdy 4”x7” pouch that you may use for traveling.
  • ADVENTURE-READY – Spruce Camp products are designed to be portable and ready for any adventure. Whether you are traveling, road tripping, camping or tailgating, take this toss hook game along. Easy set-up requires only a wall and ceiling, or tree with low branch, and minimal tools. Have fun and play wherever the spirit moves you!

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Spruce Camp was founded with one healthy, tasty salmon jerky recipe. Our underlying goal was and is to support our own adventures, and those of friends, family and now customers, with products that are portable and sustainable. We innovate and evaluate new products meeting those same adventure-ready standards to add to the Spruce Camp Band Family. We will maintain our focus on salmon in particular, and healthy, tasty food in general, but are mixing in other provisions as well. Spruce Camp’s mission is to FUEL ADVENTURE, whatever way we can.

Enjoy Spruce Camp’s Swing Ring Hook Game while camping, traveling or at home!

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Spruce Camp Sustainability

Spruce Camp strives to make an environmental difference. We work to minimize packaging and our carbon footprint. We seek to improve our supply chains constantly – by partnering with other sustainably-minded partners and by increasing our overall efficiency. Spruce Camp gives back 2% of sales to non-profit partners working to support North American coastal and river salmon fisheries.

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