Ring-Swing-to-Hook Game (2-pack)


Family or party game for all ages! One Family and One Pro (smaller ring for greater challenge) edition. Play this target game indoors in a TV or game room, or set it up on an outdoor deck or while camping. All parts for two full games are included along with simple instructions.

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ADDICTING FAMILY FUN – Spruce Camp’s Swing Ring Hook Game is an easy, fun game for ages 5 and up. Imagine a simple, engaging target game that three generations can enjoy indoors or outdoors at home or while traveling. Play it before, during or after family dinners, cookouts, and reunions. Play it during commercials while you are watching “big games.”

PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Swing Ring is a social and active leisure game. You can play this hook ring game with as big a group as you’d like. Play this family game at a wholesome church picnic, at a raucous tailgate party, or anywhere in between. Think cornhole, ping pong, or foosball without the space requirements, hassle or cost! And if you are addicted, you can practice alone.

DELUXE TWO-PACK – Spruce Camp’s Swing Ring Hook Game kit comes with two (2) of everything, so you will have the ability to set up two hook ring games simultaneously. You can have side-by-side ring toss competitions; set up one indoors and one outdoors, or keep one set up permanently and keep one ready for travel. The larger ring is easier for all ages; the smaller, “pro” ring adds challenge and helps you refine your game.

USA-MADE AND ASSEMBLED – Our ring hook game comes with complete set-up instructions, and all the pieces you need in a sturdy 4”x7” pouch. Hardware includes: 2 welded steel rings with 6’+ lines pre-tied to each; 2 steel wall hooks; and 2 steel eye screws. In addition to an instruction card, each pouch also contains an indoor/outdoor Spruce Camp decal to add above a wall hook (or place anywhere you’d like).

ADVENTURE-READY – Spruce Camp products are designed to be portable and ready for any adventure. Whether you are traveling, road tripping, camping or tailgating, take this toss hook game along. Easy set-up requires only a wall and ceiling or tree with low branch and minimal tools. Play free and easy!

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