Vegan Korean BBQ Bars (2-PACK)


100% Plant-Based Energy Bars, Superfood Protein Adventure Snacks that are Savory, Sweet and Spicy!

  • VEGAN KOREAN BBQ SNACKS –100% plant-based nutrition with 21g of protein per package from walnuts, mushrooms, brown rice, soy, flaxseed and more. Packed with flavor, these energy bars combine the savory, sweet and spicy tastes of Korean BBQ without animal products or preservatives. This BBQ snack is great to take on the go. Whether you’re a committed Vegan or just exploring foods, you’ll love the taste and benefits of these healthy snacks.
  • PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE – You know the buzz about the Vegan Lifestyle. Folks are starting and sticking with plant-based diets in growing numbers. Vegan eating is environmentally friendly, cruelty free and overall a healthier lifestyle. Join the movement in helping create a better world by choosing this plant-based lifestyle.
  • ADVENTURE-READY – Spruce Camp creates Superfood Snacks and other provisions that Stoke Adventure. With healthy levels of fiber, protein and nutrients, our Vegan Korean BBQ is no exception. Good food should fuel and inspire life’s great adventures.
  • LOCALLY CRAFTED – All of Spruce Camp’s shelf-stable, ready-to-eat foods are locally produced in small batches with high quality natural ingredients. We seek out local craftsmen and artists to help bring our non-food products to fruition. We are committed to our Colorado community and favor sustainable growth over mass-production.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – Spruce Camp strives to make an environmental difference. Our supply chain is focused on sustainability — we work to minimize packaging and our carbon footprint. And, we give back 2% of sales to non-profit partners. Each purchase of our Superfood Adventure Snacks, and other Spruce Camp products, helps protect natural resources while Fueling Adventure.

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