The Vegan Dagwood

by in Health Tips, Natural foods, Organic Foods, plant-based, superfood, vegan December 11, 2019

Evolution as an eater is normal, right?

Our tastes change, needs change.  Our health and our age demand tweaks and adjustments.  Our awareness expands as we learn more with continued food research and personal exposure.  Whether evolving or devolving, change is fairly constant.

We used to be avid omnivores–chowing down meat, dairy, fruits, veggies, desserts, and everything in between.  We ate healthy by balancing in moderation and avoiding the obvious processed food offenders.

Now, we’re Pesca-Vegans, or Plant-Based Fish Eaters, and moving toward Vegan.  We’re not alarmists or judging of others, but based on our research a Balanced Omnivore is no longer good enough.  Not good enough for You/Me, and not good enough for the Planet.  Our health and the environment’s health benefit from going plant-based.

No need for despair.  We need not mourn a loss of protein or flavor.  There are plenty of folks who have smoothed this path, and it’s lovely.

The Vegan Dagwood is our shining example.

In days of yore, we would have piled meat upon meat, layered on the dairy, slathered condiments galore and topped off (“balanced”) with veggies like lettuce, tomato, pickles and peppers.  Today, we celebrate an animal-free masterpiece.  No meat, no fish, no dairy.  No processed taste adjusters.  Just plant-based goodness here in our Vegan Dagwood Sandwich.

We start with a killer bread, made with 21 varieties of whole grains, nuts and seeds.  Instead of condiments, we slather a spicy guacamole and a garlic hummus on each of the two pieces.  Then, we slice discs of cucumbers and golden beats.  We pile high with spinach, arugula, micro greens and radishes.

What did we forget?

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