A Natural Superfood Snack


Spruce Camp Salmon Jerky is packed with 26g of protein per two-portion package, as well as beneficial Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 & 9. The great taste and texture of this Superfood Snack come from the right combination of Atlantic salmon and wildflower honey.  Spruce Camp is the pride of avid fishermen, backyard beekeepers and the healthy recipes they create.

Salmon & Honey

Spruce Camp combines whole food ingredients, including honey, soy and spices, in its delicious marinade. Salmon fillets are soaked in the teriyaki-style marinade to naturally preserve them, as well as to give them their unique taste and tenderness.

A Portable Snack

Jerky does not need refrigeration before opening – making it a great choice for folks on the go. Whether enjoying the outdoors, refueling during a sports event, taking a break at work, or traveling Spruce Camp Salmon Jerky is a perfect easy, tasty and healthy snack.

Good Health

Salmon jerky is an excellent mind and body pick-me-up that’s high in protein and Omegas-3, 6 & 9. A good source of these essential nutrients, salmon has been shown to benefit heart health, reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin, boost energy and improve brain health.

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How Awesome is Spruce Camp Salmon Jerky?

"It'll Blow Your Mind."

This original product review came from a teenage Ultimate player at a mid-game break. Coach finished talking and player handed some jerky to his teammate saying, “Try it.  It’ll blow your mind.”