Back of the Package

by in Healthy snacks, Jerky, Natural foods, omega 3 6 9, Organic Foods, Packaging, Salmon, salmon, salmon jerky ingredients, shelf-stable, superfood September 7, 2018

The front of the package is all about marketing.  The back tends to be a blend of required facts and marketing.  If you’ve got a good salmon jerky like we do, the facts are a huge part of marketing as well.  We call it “selling on the merits.”  It’s all-natural, clean energy that’ portable and tastes great.

Check it out…

The only regret I have with this recipe is that I didn’t make it gluten-free.  There’s a small amount of wheat in most soy sauce, and I didn’t realize that until after my recipe had be approved.  Future flavors and recipes will be gluten-free!

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